Wives how much do you trust your husband?

That is a trick and triggering question. So first let’s deal with the obvious … unexplained time, money energy … extra-long bathroom breaks with the phone? Covid lock-down weeded a lot of unexplained “gastrointestinal” cheating … and it goes both ways plenty of wives are guilty of this. * I will post the DL check this apple phone for messages and picks in another post, look at your own risk… but this isn’t about that. I am talking about Shitting the fan, things get real, who are you looking to? Who is your strong-arm fixer in your family? Is it your husband? If not, why not? We have lessened the man’s role in the big picture of our lives. Their DNA like most other male species is to protect the female and offspring. Somehow, we have lost our way, we are currently with a plethora of men, husbands, brothers and sons with no purpose… although their DNA says otherwise.

So, my question is … do you trust your husband? Do you trust him to defend you and your children? Do you trust that economically he will make the right choices and if he screws up will self-sacrifice to correct his error? Oh, I understand that the court system especially in the “Woke” states like California do not honor the roles for which we have been created. This does not obsolete bad choices on either side.

What am I asking is… do you trust your husband? Does he know you believe in him and will support him? Somehow, we have lost this in the last 30 years and our husbands and marriages are suffering. The good guys will do anything for their wives and families let’s give them the respect they were designed to have. If you can’t trust them, reflect why the bigger issues may be in order. Need to control, bad marriage/partner choices/addiction issues .. all factors … co-dependency issues?

Marriage is hard … let’s stop the husband bashing and give them the respect they deserve.

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